2015 Royal Winter Fair

Dear Beef Exhibitor

The Beef Cattle entry information is now available on The Royal website (http://www.royalfair.org/exhibitors/agriculture/competition-books).  Entries will be accepted as of September 14th when the Agriculture Show Office opens. The entry deadline for beef cattle  is September 28th.

The Royal is pleased to announce that Masterfeeds will continue their support of the Canadian Beef Shows and the Masterfeeds Supreme Beef Champions on Sunday Nov. 8th in the Scotiabank Ring of Excellence.

Please note some changes have been made to the move in times to accommodate beef exhibitors. Tie outs will be available at 8am on Monday Nov. 2nd and the barns will be open at 6am on Tuesday November 3rd for a full day of moving in. All cattle are still expected to be in place by 8am on Thursday November 5th.

As you are likely aware, some 2014 Royal exhibitors fell victim to vandalism at the Ontario Place lot where most livestock trailers and trucks were parked. The Royal paid for tire repairs and insurance deductible up to $500 for damaged trucks and trailers.

Since that time, improving the security of this lot has been a top priority for The Royal. Here’s a summary of the measures The Royal will take in 2015 to minimize the risk of vandalism:

1)      Security fencing along Lakeshore Blvd – not a full enclosure but enough to limit access from the sidewalk.

2)      Additional temporary light towers placed throughout the lot to improve night visibility.

3)      Experienced parking marshals  with dedicated staff for this specific lot.

4)      Enhanced trespass control including security personnel to oversee the perimeter, interior and access to lots. Exhibitors and others with legitimate business at The Royal will be required to show wristbands, as in previous years.


We cannot absolutely guarantee that these measures will prevent vandalism but we will have far greater security for exhibitors’ property than in previous years.


We hope you will choose to exhibit in the 2015 competition. If you have any questions please contact agriculture@royalfair.org or call the Show Office after September 14th at 416-263-3418.

As of February 1st 2015, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair’s mailing address has changed as noted below.


Caitlin O’Neill

Manager, Agriculture and Local Food