Ontario Angus Association Annual Meeting

On Saturday March 5, 2016 the Ontario Angus Association held its annual meeting in Milton, ON hosted by the Central Club.  Ontario Angus Association would like to thank the Central Club for all of their work to help plan the meeting,especially Judy McDonald and Andy Fraser your efforts helped to make our AGM a great success.

This was our first year with our new date, we had  great member turnout and everyone enjoyed a very informative and engaging meeting.

Ontario Angus Association would like to thank our sponsors  and supporters of  our  Silent Auction

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2015 Honorary President  David Cleghorn


My Introduction to Angus cattle came at a very early age.  At the time my father kept cattle for Jim Bowman who owned the “Elm Park” herd near Guelph.  He was a highly respected importer, breeder and showman.  He showed Angus cattle all over Canada.  He would come to our farm to walk through the cows and calves in the pasture and I would tag along.  He would tell me their names and their accomplishments in both breeding and the shooing.  He did this just to amuse himself.

My 4H years were spent under the influence of Tom Henderson, a relative of our family.  He owned the “Glen Ross” herd.  He established the “Royal Lady” family and had the reputation for excellent fitting and showing market cattle so his standards were quite high.  My best year at that time was showing Reserve Champion Angus at the Guineas.

The first Registered Angus cow I owned was a daughter of “Castle Acres Lass”.  Lass had been the Grand Champion at the National Western Stock Show in Denver.  Later, we also bought the sister of Lass’s mother.  We bred this family successfully for a number of years producing a line of cattle which were in demand.  “Witmer Blackbird 4T” bred by Doug Witmer of Cambridge was a heifer I purchased.  At two years of age she was Grand Champion at the CNE and Sr. Champion at the Royal.  This family bred well for us over several generations. “Prospect Zara 24S” was Reserve Grand Champion at the World Angus Forum in Edmonton in 1985.  She came to us as an older cow but still established the Quebec arm of the Zara family for us.  The Quebec Zara name is still quite common in many pedigrees today.

During the 1980’s Thistle Ridge hosted the Angus Grasstime Sale which was managed at different times by Tom Burke and Jim Mulberry.  This sale became an important spring season event.

My breeding philosophy is to have a feminine, milky female with the structure to have an 85 pound calf that is of the right shape to the problem free.  The trend to want a lighter birth weights in my view is a start down a slippery slope to frail calves which are hard to start and who perpetuate problems for the next generation.  I see the value in indexes and scores but unfortunately the numbers can be less useful if a significant percentage of the test group have major problems that would make them undesirable in a breeding program but are still included in the tests

2015 hon President

2015 Hononary President David Cleghorn  presented by Graham McLean


2015 Commercial Breeder of the Year


Peter and Connie Stubbs Caledonia, ON

Lazy Boy Farms was established in 1948 by grandparents James Edward and Adele Stubbs, with Shorthorn cattle as the breed of choice.  Due to the untimely passing of his father James Edward, Pete’s father Edward Stubbs bought the farm from his mother in the late 1950’s.  At that time, Ed brought in Horned Hereford cattle to replace the Shorthorn herd.  Genetics were sourced from Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming.  In the mid-1960’s, Ed brought in Polled Herefords to the operation until it was strictly polled cattle by the mid-1970’s.

In 1982, following graduation from Ridgetown College, Peter returned to the farm to work fulltime with his father.   In 1986 Peter and Connie (nee Barker), from a purebred Charolais operation, were married and still own and operate Lazy Boy Farms along with their children Elizabeth, recently married to Scott MacDonald, Michael and Ryan.  The farm totals 375 acres which is all hay and pasture for the forage based herd.

In the late 1980’s the first Angus cow was acquired out of the Canadian Royal sale from First Line Angus.  The following year we bred this cow to VDAR New Trend 315 producing a bull calf, which over the course of the next few years bred the majority of the Hereford cows that formed the commercial cow herd base.  To this day, we run between 80 and 100 mature cows, with calving taking place in the winter and fall.  We run three to four herd bulls in addition to using  an A-I program consisting of Black Angus and Black Simmental genetics.  The steers and bottom end heifers are sold at weaning as feeder calves, with the top end heifers maintained as replacements, of which we sell both purebred and commercial breeding show prospects.

Over the years the kids have enjoyed very successful 4-H and junior show careers with Ryan now beginning his 4-H and show career this year.  From the beginning of Lazy Boy Farms to present, it has been and will continue to be a family run cattle operation.  We are very honoured to accept this award from the Ontario Angus Association as Commercial Breeder of the year.

2016 Commercial Breeder

2015 Commercial Breeder Peter and Connie Stubbs and Family presented by Graham McLean

2015 Purebred Breeder of the Year


Tambri Angus Brian and Tammi Ribey


Tambri Angus started in 1987 after the marriage of Brian and Tammi Ribey.  The herd now consists of 50 purebred black Angus cows.  The herd started with cows from Harron Farms and two cows purchased from Bill Lee’s Clashfarquhar herd dispersal.  Brian, Tammi and their two children Steven and Kelsey work together on the farm.

Tambri uses AI to improve their herd with genetics from the top sires in North America.  Their walking bulls are performance tested on Bio Bull Tests.  They strive to produce thick made, good milking, docile and structurally sound cows.  The breeding program for bulls works to produce sound, fertile bulls with good carcass quality.

Tambri consigns to Gilchrist In it to Win It, Bluewater Club and Eastern Extravaganza sales.  We market our bulls in the Pic of the Crop Sale and by Private Treaty.  Our commercial calves are marketed at the Black Calf Sale at Keady Livestock Market.

At Tambri we try to support local and provincial Angus events. We exhibit our cattle at local fairs, The Ontario Preview Show and the Royal Winter Fair.  We believe in the Angus breed and its members.  We are extremely honoured and humbled to be awarded the Purebred Breeder of the year.

Brian and Tammi Ribey

2016 purebred breeder

2015 Purebred Breeder Brian, Kelsey and Tammi Ribey presented by Graham McLean

2015 Show Bull of the Year

presented to Red Patchells Who’s your Daddy owned and exhibited by Bruce and Brenda Patchell

Show Bull

2015 Show Bull of the Year Bruce and Brenda Patchell presented by Graham McLean


2015 Show Female of the Year

presented to Oaklane Darling 2B owned and exhibited by Bill and Sylvia Jackson

show female

2015 Show Female of the Year  Presented to Bill and Sylvia Jackson presented by Graham McLean