2019 OAA AGM

On Saturday March 2, 2019 Ontario Angus Association held

its annual meeting at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm Metcalfe, ON hosted by the Ottawa Valley Club.

Ontario Angus Association would like to thank the Ottawa Valley Club for all of their work to help plan the meeting.


Ontario Angus Association would like to thank our sponsors  and supporters of  our Silent Auction


Artisan Farms

Graham McLean

Cairnlee Acres

Erin Agricultural Society

Canadian Angus Association

Don & Betty McNalty (Rob Roy Angus)

Genex (Patty Lasby)

Andrew Richardson

Victor & Yvonne Richardson

Ottawa Valley Angus Club

Bluewater Angus Club

Eastern Ontario Angus Club

Western Ontario Angus Club

Central Ontario Angus Club

2018 Award Recipients


2018 Commercial Breeder of the Year Kyle Adams


                                                                                           Pictured L-R Kyle Adams and Kevin MacIntyre

Kyle Adam’s was born and raised in Osgoode Township. Never raised on farm from his early childhood days, his friends and neighbors guided him in his first purchase of Angus female bought from Reggie Wallace. Kyle purchased his first farm just outside Winchester  in 1999, which  consists of 30 angus cows. Kyle remained on this farm till 2006 till he purchased a 240 acre parcel in Perth Ontario. He built a new house and barns to suit his Angus cow herd. Along with his newly tiled land for corn and soybeans he rents 200 acres of hay ground locally. His herd is based on angus females and primarily used angus bulls bought from local Angus breeders. Kyle has a passion for the Angus breed and will continue to purchase Angus females as they produced optimum calves year after year. 


2018 O.A.A. Purebred Breeder of the Year is

Kemp Brothers 

Kemp Brothers Farms is a family farm operation including Jeff and Jo-Anne Kemp and family in partnership with Dave and Lisa Kemp and family.  Along with the help of our parents Marg and Ted Kemp, Kemp Brothers is home to 150 Angus cows, most of which are registered.  We farm approximately 1000 acres of land including owned and rented land, which is a mixture of pasture, hay and row crops of which a portion is cash cropped.

We started farming in the late 90’s after each of us graduated from the University of Guelph.  We purchased our first cows in 1999.  A year later, we purchased some black and black baldy bred heifers.  At the time, we were using an Angus bull that Ross Bailey sourced for us from John Robertson (Angus Hills).  We were selling our steer calves mainly through local auction and selling replacement heifers along with growing our own herd.
In 2003 we approached Ross Bailey, who had been become a trusted advisor, and told him we’d like to buy some purebred cattle.  He led us up to Vern Burnett’s at New Liskeard.  Ross had bought cattle from Vern over the years and trusted his breeding program.  We travelled up to see Vern in the winter and bought a dozen heifers from him and that is how it began.

Showing cattle has helped to put us on the map in the industry.  There are of course ups and downs in showing but we have been consistently competitive in the show ring.  Our presence at Ontario shows has given us the opportunity to display our breeding program and make good connections with other breeders and buyers.  Our biggest highlights would be winning premier breeder at the 2014 and 2018 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Over the years Angus cattle have certainly become the focus of our farming operation.  Our involvement with Angus cattle has enabled us to grow into what we have today.  We’ve worked hard but they’ve worked hard for us too.
On a daily basis, farming gives our children the opportunity to experience firsthand the reward of working hard together and playing hard together.

We are very proud of the other cattle herds that have grown from Kemp Brothers’ seedstock.  In particular we take pride in the Kemp Brothers Angus bull market that has developed.  We generally market around 15-20 bulls/year.  That was especially important to us in our early years as it provided us with the cashflow to grow our herd more quickly.

We look forward to many more years in the industry as continue to strive to produce the best Angus Cattle we can.

  2018 O.A.A.  Honorary Presidents are

Tom and Judy McDonald Locust Grove Angus

                                                                                   Pictured L-R Tom and Judy McDonald and Brian Whitwell  

It is indeed our honour to have been selected as Honorary President(s) for Ontario and thank the Ontario and Central Associations for this nomination.

Both of us grew up on farms with Tom working for Bell Canada and farming full time since 1994.   Our family was recognized for farming 150 years consecutively in Ontario with recent Sesquicentennial celebrations in 2017.. We did own purebred angus in the early 70’s but only used them in our commercial herd.  In 1991 we did buy another purebred – Dodswood Blackbird – as a 4H project for our daughter.  This time the commercial herd was phased out in favour of the Angus breed.  Locust Grove was unique in that we never owned a herd bull, relying 100% on AI.

Tom has served as President of both the Central and Ontario Associations as well as an Ontario Director to the Canadian board.  Judy has been the Secretary Treasurer of the Central club and taking responsibility for the Preview (Gold) Show for many years.  As well we have been active in our community and with local fair boards and Beef Farmers of Ontario.

Sadly we decided it was time for other things and we dispersed our herd September 2018.  The comradery and friendships through the Angus breed will be treasured forever

2018  O.A.A. Show Bull of the Year award is presented to

Lazy JB Compound Effect 6011

Owned by Fallis Land and Cattle And Cedarview Angus

                                              Pictured L-R Mike, Lisa and Cole Fallis and Andy Fraser


2018 O.A.A. Show Female of the Year award is presented to BrockHill Pride 6E 

                Owned by Worth-Mor Cattle  Kyle & Racheal Petherick

Pictured L-R Kyle Petherick and Andy Fraser


Report of the A. Cameron McTaggert Scholarship Fund

As of December 31, 2018 

GIC – $2317.26 @3.01%

GIC – $9878.86 @1.9%   (now renewed at 3.00%)

GIC – $ 1039.71 @2.5%

Total – $13,2325.83 in investments

Thank you to the Western Angus Club for a $25 donation in memory of Lillian Huffman and a $50 donation in memory of Ron Crawford.

We had no applications for the scholarship this year.  This has happened in the past and usually follows with 2 or 3 applications the following year.

All of which is respectfully submitted,

Gary Harron