OAA Future Stars Show

The Ontario Angus Association is pleased to announce that we

 are in the process of adding a new and exciting class to the 2020 Royal Winter Angus Show.


Future Stars Show at the Royal 2020

  • Each breeder nominates as many cows as they want for a cost of $10 by December 15th (see form below)

  • If that cows resulting calf lives and is looking good, you pay another $25/ calf by June 1st to keep that calf in the Futurity show (reg# are due on the calf also)

  • By October 1st if that calf has developed as you hoped, you pay $40/ calf and they will be entered into the Futurity show at the Royal(Pending Royal Approval).

  • The resulting entries will be split into classes and we will have a Champion and Reserve Futurity Heifer calf and a Champion and Reserve Bull Calf

The OAA will keep half the money raised from the Future Stars and the other half will be paid out in prize money.

Please use link below to download the nomination form

2020 Future Stars Nomination Form