New Online 50/50 Angus Draw


Hello Angus Enthusiasts,

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for everyone.  We all have had to change how we go about our day to day living, as well how we run our businesses and the Ontario Angus Association is no different.  The OAA relies heavily on funding that we receive from the Canadian Angus Association.  The monies received are based on our member focused events, advertising to promote Angus Cattle, and the sponsorship of our juniors. Unfortunately, due to COVID19, all our events have been cancelled and as a result our 2020 sponsorship from CAA has been greatly diminished.

2020 has seen the cancellation of our Annual Field Day, all Ontario Point Shows, all local fall fairs and the Royal Winter Fair, which was also the location for our Angus Draw.  With all these events being cancelled, we are unable to facilitate our essential fundraisers which help to offset some of our costs.  With the world becoming more virtual the OAA has decided to do so as well, with our first Online 50/50 Angus Draw.  This exciting new platform will allow us to continue to raise funds to offset some our costs associated with supporting our members. This will also keep the Association in a stable financial position for 2021, while continuing to support our members in the promotion of the Angus Breed.

This exciting new format will be a weekly Progressive 50/50. Each draw will be held every Friday at 5:00pm EST, starting on August 14, 2020, and each weekly ticket only costs $2.00, less than 1 cup of coffee.   To increase the weekly jackpots, we need your help to promote our lottery through your social media and your friends and their friends and so on.

Here is how it works:

If you have been to a sporting event at any level, you know how a 50/50 works. The jackpot for each draw is split equally between the winner and us. We will use our portion to continue to support our members through advertising in provincial publications, our website, cattle sales, and our junior members with sponsorship of OJAA, CJAA, 4-H shows, and local clubs. You can spend your cash prize any way you choose!!

Here’s the thing for our Progressive 50/50; the trick is to play every week! When you purchase a ticket for a number, that number goes into every draw for a full year regardless of how many draws you buy tickets for. This means there’s a chance that your number can be drawn at any time during that year! If you don’t make a purchase against your ticket and your number is drawn, you’re that draw’s ‘non-winner’ and the money gets put back into the pool and carried into the next draw and you walk away with zilch! No one wants that, right?

If you don’t play, you can’t win! Luckily, purchasing a 50/50 ticket has never been easier!

Tickets can be purchased at

Thank-you for your continued support and Good Luck!!!

The Ontario Angus Association