Ontario Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors Position

Dear Ontario Angus Member,

The Canadian Angus Association has a Board of Directors which is formed of one or more representatives from each province. Graham Mclean is the National Director representing Ontario for the past three years. His current term will end at the Canadian Angus Annual General Meeting in June 2020. Graham is eligible to run for another term if he chooses to do so. We are now accepting nominations; if you or someone you know is interested in this position please contact the Ontario Angus Association by February 13 (secretary@ontarioangus.com). Should there be more than one nomination, the Canadian Angus Association will send out voting ballots to all Ontario members in good standing.

The requirements and details of the position are as follows:

  • must be a member (in good standing) of the Canadian Angus Association (membership paid to date)

  • act as liaison between the Canadian and provincial associations

  • must be available for three meetings per year: one in January in Calgary, the Canadian Angus Annual General Meeting in the host province, and one in September in Calgary

  • must be ready to commit to a three-year term, beginning at the Canadian Angus Annual General Meeting in June 2020

For a more detailed list, please see the attached PDF.




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Nominated by:                                                                                                                       Tel.:                                                  



Signature:                                                                                              Date:                                                                   


Please provide a brief introduction (25 words) of the nominee and return it along with the nomination.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Ontario Angus Association should you have any questions.


Paula Cornish, President

Ontario Angus Association